The journey so far

A team of like-minded designers working in a healthcare IT company joined hands and chalked out a plan. Let’s celebrate “World Usability Day”, but then how?

How about launching a Design thinking workshop, its so cliche man, how about launching a cartoon competition, nooo doesn’t sound good to me, how about arranging a logo design contest, are you sure? okay, then how about arranging a UX day. Oh, what is that?

A UX day, a UX conference.

We finally ended up launching a Design conference, the first of our type. We decided to make it a paid one and all…

Footsteps on the sand
Footsteps on the sand
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This pandemic has been disruptive, making a dent in our lives and forcing all of us to take a different path. Our routines have shifted; we’ve started working late, sleeping late, and our screen time has skyrocketed. We’ve spent most of our time glued to our laptops and smartphones. Netflix, Prime Video, and other popular streaming services have become our closest companions. We are attending life serenity sessions, attempting to counsel each other during times of extreme distress, attempting to make our jobs as secure as possible, and, overall, attempting to build resilience all around.

My Design career has been…

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Building and growing a design team is the biggest opportunity one can get within the entire span of a design career. However, landing up into organisations where UX is undermined as a discipline, and just considered as a checklist item, poses an enormous challenge. In this article, I want to shares a designer’s journey about the effort it takes to bring an organisation to attain the highest level of UX maturity.

Let’ understand what is UX maturity? In simple terms, it is all about giving the level of importance to the UX as a function. …

One minute of patience, ten years of peace.

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I am a designer by profession, currently leading a design team in a healthcare company. Sometimes I feel, the world is envious about us, they feel a designers life is vibrant and colourful. Actually what the world thinks about us, is not wrong.

But then, in the last four months, we’ve been shut down by this pandemic.
It’s put up a barrier to the way we work. We have limited mobility, we can’t take the benefits of design collaborations on a whiteboard, we can’t do field trips and spend time with users…

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Burnout is mistaken as stress. Although the symptoms may be quite similar, there are significant differences. Symptoms of stress are more physical than emotional. Certain job functions with excessive workload and pressure can lead to burnout.

Freuden Berger initially introduced Burnout in the early 70s. He described burnout as a state of fatigue or frustration resulting from professional relationships which failed to produce the expected rewards.

Later, maslach defined burnout as a psychological syndrome involving emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment. The emotional exhaustion was also described as wearing out, loss of energy, depletion, debilitation, and fatigue. Depersonalization was…

Research says too many choices confuses users, and lead them to a state of decision paralysis, it further direct users spend a lot of time deciding which one to opt for.

Just about 3 months back, when the nationwide lockdown started to control the pandemic, we were all panicking about our basic needs. At that time, the only concern was all about getting the supply of the essentials. But then, when we did not have adequate supplies of the essentials during the initial period, we had to be satisfied with whatever was available. …

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With the changing times, design as a function has gained huge popularity within an organisational construct. The current generation of design leaders has just started to get a seat in the board rooms. However, being a design manager does not reinforce the need to involve in every strategic conversation, because a strategy is a chapter entirely written by the strategist. However, a design leader should also understand the business imperatives and act accordingly.

Within an organization, a typical design function comprises of two verticals. A tactical team and a strategic team. A tactical team is supposed to be taking directions…

The role of a Design Manager- Hero Image
The role of a Design Manager- Hero Image
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A job role defines the purpose you are hired for in an organisation.

A job description does define the responsibilities, but then, an effective way to define it entirely depends on the UX maturity level the organisation at that moment.

What is the ideal role of a Design Manager within a design function? Build and mentor teams, manage design projects, perform design evaluations, establish a quality benchmark, approve timesheets? Or, is there a better portfolio to handle.

The ideal role of a design manager can also be constructed by the one playing the role. Does the role demand to manage…

I wanted to participate in a UX conference and for that reason I wanted to use a local cab service. The conference is supposed to be happening in Fern Citadel Hotel Ananda Rao circle Bangalore north, somewhere near majestic. Since the hotel is far from my place and I don’t know the direction too, I decided to take a cab to avoid the hassle of getting the directions and driving in the early morning.

I normally use M-cabs for pick up and drop to airports, M-cabs have got excellent service however, they are little costlier compared to others and so…

Alipta Ballav

Sr. Design Manager @Cerner Corporation previously @Harman @Wipro

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