CauseX — The last UX conference of 2020

The journey so far

A team of like-minded designers working in a healthcare IT company joined hands and chalked out a plan. Let’s celebrate “World Usability Day”, but then how?

How about launching a Design thinking workshop, its so cliche man, how about launching a cartoon competition, nooo doesn’t sound good to me, how about arranging a logo design contest, are you sure? okay, then how about arranging a UX day. Oh, what is that?

A UX day, a UX conference.

We finally ended up launching a Design conference, the first of our type. We decided to make it a paid one and all the funds collected will be donated. Whoa! sounds like an idea.

That gave birth to CauseX

We launched a UX design conference calling as “The Last Design Conference of 2020”. It's virtual, its paid and it’s scheduled for 19th Dec between 11 AM –5 PM. We have got a bunch of speakers. Let's all join hand to make it a success.

Registration Link



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Alipta Ballav

Alipta Ballav

Sr Design Manager, Microsoft previously @Cerner @Harman @Wipro