Content design plays an important role in shaping up a good Customer Experience

I wanted to participate in a UX conference and for that reason I wanted to use a local cab service. The conference is supposed to be happening in Fern Citadel Hotel Ananda Rao circle Bangalore north, somewhere near majestic. Since the hotel is far from my place and I don’t know the direction too, I decided to take a cab to avoid the hassle of getting the directions and driving in the early morning.

I normally use M-cabs for pick up and drop to airports, M-cabs have got excellent service however, they are little costlier compared to others and so, I decided to opt for a cheaper service. I searched and got a bunch of cab service provider details; I picked up mycabs (name changed) and decided to go with them.

I have never tried this cab service earlier but heard that they are quite decent enough. My first experience with their website was really impressive when I found them having a state of the art online cab booking facility, with options to book for point-to-point pick up and drop facility, airport transfers; outstations cab bookings and things like that. You can even download their android app to book cabs from your cellphone at a discounted rate; I also found their website to be decent enough in terms of navigation content find ability and readability. So no second thought, I quickly booked my journey got an instant SMS saying that my booking is confirmed, and now I am all set to get.

On the conference day I was waiting for the cab to pick me up at 7 AM. I had to reach the venue by 8 AM, it was past 6.30 and still waiting to get a call from the chauffeur, I waited further for another 6–7 minutes and then got an SMS which was good enough to press the panic button

“Uh oh! Looks like the driver might be late! We are trying to get you another taxi. Can’t wait? You can give a missed call to +80123456678 to cancel the trip”

I got totally pissed off and decided call M-cabs, the cab reached my place in the next 20 minutes.

Now, after reading the text message how my mind did analyze the situation and pressed the panic button

  • I am unsure if they could actually be able to find an alternative cab for me.
  • How much time would they take to find an alternative cab
  • Even if they find an alternative cab he can never be on time as it is already past 6.45 AM
  • The last part of the text message shows negativity, the company does not even bother about me as a customer which further hurts my ego. “They don’t care about me“
  • The last part of message is actually very frustrating, as a service provider you have failed to provide me a cab on time and now you are asking me to give me a missed call to cancel the trip. “Why should I do it? Go to hell!”

Content plays an important role in shaping up CX.

What could have been better, find an alternative cab and then text me along with the driver details.

Sr. Design Manager @Cerner Corporation previously @Harman @Wipro

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