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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • David Simpson

    David Simpson

    Founder of the Design Education Platform @JoinDesigned and Associate Director @KesselRunAF . Formerly @HubSpot , @Assembla , @Datto , @Epicio , @Kyruus

  • Motive Unknown’s Digest

    Motive Unknown’s Digest

    A roundup of key news in tech, music & apps. It is curated by Darren Hemmings, founder of Motive Unknown. Signup at site for FREE daily email summary!

  • Designlab


    We help you turn your passion for design into a successful career in the UX/UI design industry. http://trydesignlab.com/ux-academy

  • Soren Iverson

    Soren Iverson

    I create products and empower designers. Senior Product Designer at Square. Join 300+ others in getting my weekly newsletter: www.soreniverson.com/newsletter

  • Dennis Hambeukers

    Dennis Hambeukers

    Strategic UX Design Consultant @ Zuiderlicht / Design Leadership Forum Member @InVision / Design Thinker / State Secretary of Integration @ Ministry of Design

  • Nick Babich

    Nick Babich

    Editor-in-chief of UX Planet (https://uxplanet.org). http://babich.biz

  • uxplanet.org



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